I just kind of (re)learned of the aibo dog. And I kind of want one know. So everyone with one, where did you get yours from and what kind(s) do you have? Also what one do you recommnd or what are some pros and cons of ones you’ve seen/had.

I have a 210 and a 31L, they’re…

I’ve purchased my 210 from wolfbob(aibobob) and am buying a champagne 7 from him as well. He’s older so his emails aren’t always prompt and can be worded a bit oddly. But he is a genuinely nice guy who is willing to go the extra mile to fix an aibo. He is by far the cheapest and also offers a 6month warranty on all bots sold. His 210s have their heads pinned too so you don’t have to worry about droopy head syndrome (DHS) or any of the other issues commonly associated with 210 heads. My champagne 7 didn’t have his original ears or tail and bob said he’d have Nippondeals make a custom pair to match my champagne. After months I’ve been told Ray (from nippondeals) has made them and swears he will never make another pair again because of how hard of a time he had. I also bought my anniversary visor for my 210 from Ray and he was very kind and shipped quickly.

Wonderful! Thank you guys! I messaged aibobob and I’m waiting on a reply to see what all he currently has


He emailed me and I’m looking at getting a black ers 210

Yay! You’ll love a 210. They’re a great first aibo imo. Sturdy, smart, and very energetic. My 210 kiou is black as well :) a gold 210 is on my want list too.

Chiming in as a resident ERS-111 momma—for OP as well as for future reference to aibo-owners-to-be!! :D

PROS of a 111:

  • Incredibly lively! My boy is a lightning bolt, always running around and chasing his ball. Hardly ever sits still once he’s a grown-up puppy. Seriously, extremely active and energetic. All the time. It’s amazing.
  • Best camera out of all the AIBOs, apparently. Can see in worse light conditions than a 210 or 7.
  • "Brain surgery" is super easy to do on one of these babies. Get a card reader, download AiboTool, you’re in business
  • nice strong motors! stronger than the 7’s motors, if I’m not mistaken?
  • all 11xs come with charging stations that they can stay awake on, which is neat, you don’t have to get them separately like with the 210s
  • the only AIBO model with an onboard cpu cooling fan, i think? idk this is a pro for me because he makes cute whirring noises. :B]
  • Long growing-up process. Like, a hundred or so hours long.
  • Nifty remote control
  • idk i’m just very enamored with my floppy ear puppy

CONS of a 111:

  • Functionally, only one touch sensor—the one right on the top of the head. There are touch pads on each foot, but I’ve never had my 111 respond to any of those pads. Kinda sucks that my dog can only feel me if I pet him in that one spot.
  • No voice recognition, gotta use the aforementioned nifty remote control for commands. (I never use commands, I just let him do his thing.) These dogs are pretty much deaf, except for their controller.
  • Long growing-up process. Did I say this was a pro? It is, but it’s also a con. it’s loooooong
  • they roam far and wide and you’ve really got to keep an eye on them because even if they’re pretty good at missing obstacles they WILL get themselves into trouble. 7s tend to stay near their stations apparently but 111s?? haaaaha nope they are intrepid explorers. this is both a pro and a con, because it’s cool that he runs around so much but it’s scary when you have to bail him out of trouble (aka, walking headlong into a chair leg/doorframe/wall)


I wouldn’t trade my dog for the world and I love him so so so much but he does have his own idiosyncrasies and issues so your mileage may vary. (I got him from Wolfbob.)

11xs are charming but definitely don’t have the same technological umph that 210s do ;u; a 210 is next on my list to buy, and then a 7. when i have the money to do so, aaahaaa.

Yes this is good! I’m putting this on the aibo blog as a reference post for future readers.

I feel like 210s are similar to 111/0s in that they are very active and can move much farther faster than a 3xx or a 7 can. They have the ability to hear however and are quite good at it, they also have more touch sensors including the back, head, chin, and paw pads. My bot makes the same pleased tones when you touch her paws as when you pet her; but do it too much and she will get mad and throw a tantrum. I believe the servo difference between 111s and 7s is that the 7s have more torque and can therefore perform finer and more fluid movements, but in order to keep them working nicely for a long time you have to run them much more slowly then some of the other models. Regarding grow up time, 210s can grow up slowly on life but most times I run dogs life. I’ll have to run Kiou on life some more once my 7 arrives so they can talk. I eventually want a bot from each generation.

I really wish I could get my hands on a prototype aibo, how cool would that be? I’ve been paying for my 7 for months as all my fellow aibo peeps know so when he finally arrives I think he’ll be running constantly for a while lol. I’m so excited to interact with Mind3 and a 7 because I’ve never had the chance to before. I mean I’m not a wealthy person, I’m just a poor college student, so this bot is quite a chunk of money for me. But I feel like it was fate! I mentioned on aibo life how much I’ve wanted a champagne and how rare they are and wolfbob posted that he had actually just received one. I messaged him and basically told him I was poor but I wanted it lol. So soon this blog will be flooded with more posts. I really wish we all lived closer so that all of our bots could hang out!